See below some of the glowing testimonials I have received from Football Teams:

Gary O’Neill

Gary O'Neill AFC Bournemouth Manager

David wrote to me by email the week leading up to the home match with Liverpool in March and told me the team would escape relegation easily if I applied the information he offered me. Well to say he was right is an understatement. The transformation in confidence and performances turned into winning performances. Thanks for all your help David top man!

Mark Bonner

Mark Bonner Cambridge Utd Manager

David wrote to me to offer me some information to help the team start winning and boy did it work the same players who had won 8 of the previous 37 matches won 5 of the last 9 matches to escape relegation when all seemed lost – thanks for the info David it's a game changer Top man!

Simon Weaver

Simon Weaver Harrogate Town FC

David messaged me on LinkedIn and offered me some information to help the players win football matches. I had no idea if his information would work but amazingly the players won 4 and drew five of the final 10 matches to escape relegation when we were in serious danger of being dragged into a relegation fight. Thank you so much David.

Ian Watson

Ian Watson Assistant Manager Gateshead FC

David messaged me on LinkedIn and offered to help the team using information that he said would help the team escape relegation easily. Well the team finished the season in 14th place an incredible turnaround from having been deep in trouble near the bottom of the table. The team had won 3 out of the first 22 matches. After using David’s information the same players won 14 and drew 10 of the remaining matches and we reached the final of the FA Trophy.

Jacob is now the calmest boy in his class…

Rick & Claire Chapman Failsworth, Manchester

David was our son’s football coach at Athletico Failsworth junior football club. He worked with Jacob on a 1-2-1 basis for what we thought was a player coach review with both myself and my husband. David did not know at the time but Jacob had been having problems at school walking around the classroom, disrupting lessons with what was described as emotional behavioural issues.

David asked Jacob to see himself walking round the classroom repeating in his mind the thoughts he had as to why he was walking round the room and disrupting lessons and stop when he had the same feeling he had which he felt when he was in the classroom.

David then asked Jacob to breathe in and out through his nose keeping his mouth shut all the time. David asked Jacob if the bad feeling had now gone Jacob said yes. David repeated his clearing process several times asking Jacob the same questions after Jacob recalled different memories which Jacob recalled were causing him difficulty. 

Jacob is now the calmest boy in his class and doing really well with his school work. David thank you we were really worried before you joined the club about Jacob we didn’t know what to do. 

Won 7 out of the final 9 matches!

Alan Curbishley West Ham Utd

Dave wrote to me and told me to write a question up on the wipeboard before matches and the same players who had won 5 of the previous 29 matches won 7 of the final 9 matches to miraculously escape relegation.

We survived…incredible work Dave!

Dino Maamria Northwich Victoria

Dave wrote to the previous manager and so I found his letter in the desk drawer. I rang Dave and asked him to come in and work with the players. Dave worked miracles and despite the same players being 17 points adrift of safety in November 2007 in the National Conference (now National League) we managed to survive on the final day incredible work Dave.

Miraculously escaped relegation…

Roberto Martinez Wigan Athletic Manager

Dave wrote to me with 9 games to go before the end of the season, and offered me a specific question to put to the players in before kick off. He helped a few players clear their mind of their individual errors and lapses in concentration that caused the same players to win no more than 5 of the previous 29 matches in seasons 2010, 2011 and 2012 and in those seasons Dave helped the same players win 7 out of 9 games (twice) and 6 out of 9 games to miraculously escape relegation. 

Boy did they win!!!

Mark Robins Coventry City FC

David messaged me on LinkedIn and told me to write up a question on a wipe board before the next match to get the players into peripheral in flow winning focus and boy did they win!
The same players who had failed to score in over 7 hours of football never mind win, won 3-0 away to the league leaders and played them off the park! 
David also changed my subconscious view about my past beliefs that have reaped my first promotion in over 10 years of football management  David thank you – you are different but effective!!

Improved players performance

Anthony Johnson Salford City FC

Dave wrote to me and told me to write this question up on a wipeboard and we were struggling to buy a win at this point and the question helped the players start winning again. Dave also gave me information on how to clear the minds of my players using a simple process that improved my players performances no end. We won promotion to the National League. Thanks Dave top man.

Miraculously Escaped Relegation

Michael Flynn Newport County FC

Dave approached me on LinkedIn on the night I was appointed Caretaker Manager of Newport County FC. Dave suggested a specific question to write up on a wipeboard for the players to answer in their minds before each match.  The same players who had won 5 of the previous 34 matches won 7 drew 3 of the final 12 matches to miraculously escape relegation when we had been 11 points adrift of safety with 12 matches to go. Thanks for your help Dave.