Filip Koszuta

Filip Koszuta

Latest testimonial in…all the way from Poland!

David got my attention through the Dr. Charlie Ward Show, immediately after watching the interview I contacted David to book a session.

Many interesting connections developed afterwards for me.

The session with David was transformational – you can feel “at home and ease” with
him, even though you work on heavy personal topics while clearing them “for good” 🙂

In places it was very funny too, yet still remaining and being an absolute conscious session, and then I couldn´t stop breaking out in laughter.

The sessions are very unique and listening to David and working with him is really BLISSFUL! It really feels like this!

Knowing I have cleared all my trauma so far is just so liberating but being in contact
with such a wonderful and helpful human being is priceless!

Thank you David

Filip Koszuta