I feel so light and free now…

Apologies for the delay in writing feedback from my session the other week. But I thought it better to wait a little while to assess the results. Been great, feel so much lighter now, so a huge thank you. Here is my feedback.

I am 61 and had traumas going back to age 9yrs. I saw David on a show and David just resonated with me. 

I booked my Skype appointment, completely open to any results from the session. Wow!!! Loved it. I cleared so much trauma with David’s unique way of working. He is fabulous, what a guy! 

I was very open and honest about my traumas, mostly to myself, as David asks very little, it is down to yourself to think of what is inside of you. So many bad memories and yet he has you laughing so much. But they cleared! 

I am now 2 months in and when I go back to those memories, they don’t affect me in any way, like it never happened. 

I feel so light and free now. I highly recommend David, he really is an amazing guy and 100% convinced he will help you clear your traumas. Even my chronic pain has improved! Not needing pain relief for the first time in 5 years.

Carol Hamnett