Jacob is now the calmest boy in his class…

David was our son’s football coach at Athletico Failsworth junior football club. He worked with Jacob on a 1-2-1 basis for what we thought was a player coach review with both myself and my husband. David did not know at the time but Jacob had been having problems at school walking around the classroom, disrupting lessons with what was described as emotional behavioural issues.

David asked Jacob to see himself walking round the classroom repeating in his mind the thoughts he had as to why he was walking round the room and disrupting lessons and stop when he had the same feeling he had which he felt when he was in the classroom.

David then asked Jacob to breathe in and out through his nose keeping his mouth shut all the time. David asked Jacob if the bad feeling had now gone Jacob said yes. David repeated his clearing process several times asking Jacob the same questions after Jacob recalled different memories which Jacob recalled were causing him difficulty. 

Jacob is now the calmest boy in his class and doing really well with his school work. David thank you we were really worried before you joined the club about Jacob we didn’t know what to do. 

Rick & Claire Chapman Failsworth, Manchester