Literally taken all our worries away….

David was referred to me by my best friend Emma, who told me how David had helped her over the phone when she had had anxiety, and it was now gone. 

So I spoke to David on the phone because like a lot of people out there we think there is no solution to mental illness and my daughter did have a few issues and like a lot of parents, I did not know what to do.

David spoke to my daughter Amy on the phone to prove to her that he could help her and he convinced her in no more than five minutes to book in with him. 

Amy had been suffering for some time with anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self harm with what we know now as her minds repeated thoughts about a few things that had been going on at home and at school.

Any then told me straight away to book her in with David, and so only three days later David came to visit us at home.

It took no more than an hour for David to do his magic and Amy is a changed kid. I feel like I have my daughter back.

It was such a worry at the time.

I advise anybody who is suffering with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm issues to get in touch with David because he has literally taken all our worries away.

David thank you.

Sharon Todd & Daughter Amy