Mark Fulnecky

We are all born in to unique circumstances and some are lucky to be exposed to very little trauma but for the rest of us we are exposed to family, school and the greater society in general. I wish it were not the case but we are exposed to tough situations every day and these bruises fester for years unattended. As soon as I watched David in an interview over twelve months ago now, I knew I had to book a session.

David explained in the interview how he had used his own process to clear his own trauma and subsequent mental illnesses on his own journey.
David also explained in the interview how the root cause of all mental and physical illness is trauma and or child abuse. This made complete sense to me. Then he demonstrated it live online and I followed along and cleared one of my own traumas. So, I knew it worked!!

David has in my own experience been given the magic key to relieving the hidden, buried and sometimes forgotten anxieties most of us all carry around with us, that we’ve all kind of normalised and accepted that we are unable to clear but we can when we allow ourselves to want to heal.

And the most remarkable part about David’s process, those unwanted memories are all cleared without you having to say a word to David – how safe and confidential is that. Don’t get me wrong the tears come up but the way in which David guides you through the process makes it feel effortless.

And for someone who has tried most therapies, up until working with David, will tell you it always comes back but its all gone.

David keeps reminding you during the session that there is no need to talk about those bad memories and he is right the feeling comes up as soon as he uses the phrases he uses to help the mind go to those upsetting memories for one final time. And seconds later after answering some questions and doing some breathing you really can’t get the bad feeling back.

And the best bit, my mind now thinks healthy thoughts about those bad memories.

I have referred a few of my friends to David and they cleared their trauma as well.

I have no doubt in recommending David to anybody who wants an end to their mental health issues be it anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings, addiction, insomnia, anger and feeling unworthy of being loved.

Thank you David

Mark Fulnecky - November 2021