My life has taken a 180 degree turn all because of you…

Aloha David,

I went into surgery just a week after my session with you and, although I wanted to share these things sooner, my eyes were so swollen from the surgery that doing anything on the computer was out of the question.

I can’t thank you enough for this most amazing “process” of yours. I am so thrilled to have  experienced it!

I had two surgeries back to back on two consecutive days. After our session my mind prior to, during and after our session these are the phenomenal results.

The first was Mohs Surgery which is performed in stages to remove basal cell carcinomas. It is done with local anesthesia. They freeze what they have removed to see if there is carcinoma in it. If there is, they go back again and remove more, etc. until there is no remaining carcinoma. I had to go through three rounds. 

Having prepared for these extensive surgeries on my face in our session I was only mildly concerned the morning of!! 

But the real kicker was during the second round… things were getting heated. I could feel the higher level of the doctor and his assistants’ anxiety and I realised that I was fully clenched from my waist up. 

Thank you for your support where our work took all my fear, put it in a neat little bundle and erased i! – I was rid of it and fully relaxed! How totally empowering! 

When they came back in to do the 3rd round I was joking with them.

I was sent home that night and warned that the wound might bleed profusely that night and that I might need to make a midnight visit to the doctor’s office to stop the bleeding… It barely bled at all because I was so relaxed!

The next morning I went to the hospital for the first part of the facial reconstruction surgery done under general anaesthetic. Again, because I had cleared my fear so thoroughly, I was not only devoid of fear but my mind was totally quiet. It didn’t matter that this was my very first time having surgery and I had tried every possible avenue of healing to avoid it… it didn’t matter that I was not able to have my husband by my side prior to the surgery because of the hospital’s policy on COVID… 

My mind, my heart and my soul were completely at peace. I even felt like I was floating as I waiting with all the hubbub of the pre-surgery area around me.

That peace has remained with me after the surgery even though I woke up from the general anaesthetic flailing and saying “My forehead hurts!” repeatedly…  as I was in the recovery room I am amazed I was totally at peace!! 

I have 2 more big surgeries and then a series of smaller tweaks to return my face to something resembling my original version. 

They say I have 1-2 years for this process. But what astounds me is how none of this has been able to disturb my peace. 

I just feel so at peace free from any worries and concerns that arise. None of these details even seem to matter! I have my peace of mind and know all will be well.

I am so grateful, David. Words fail to communicate my gratitude but they are all I have so they will have to suffice. :-))

My life has taken a 180 degree turn all because of you and your work that you discovered/developed. 

Thank you for being you and playing your role so magnificently. I am forever in your debt. I am free as a bird and filled with peace.

What a blessing to be able to bless others with the ability to have the same freedom and peace that I feel now

Blessings on you brother!!

Jasmine Skye