I first saw David over a year ago now and straight away I knew I had to book in and I was right!

David helped me clear all my trauma abandonment, anxiety, depression, feelings of feeling lost, unloved and unworthy.

What is remarkable is that I didnt have to tell David a thing – all I had to do was allow my mind to go back to those bad memories and bad thoughts for one final time and allow my mind to create the bad feeling in my body and when I had that familiar bad feeling, answer a few simple questions and do some breathing and I was unable to get the bad feeling back I called anxiety, panic attacks, feeling depressed and god knows what else I had been holding onto all these years.

David even helped me clear ALL and I mean all my limiting beliefs you know what I mean – I’m not good enough, clever enough, worthy enough you get my drift – the lot all gone and they haven’t come back. In fact, I feel the opposite about those bad feelings now.

All the friends who have known me for years said immediately – how different, lighter, more happier I appeared and considering it is now over twelve months after my session with David, I do feel more at peace, happier within myself and I am aware I smile a hell of a lot more now than I ever did before.

I highly recommend working with David if you suffer from any mental illnesses or addictions.

If you are looking for a resolution to whatever bad thoughts and bad memories keep repeating on a loop in your head that you think you can’t stop then David is the man to help clear them.

I am also so much more productive, I have my own art studio and workshop and my creativity and productivity has never been so high. I have so much more passion for my work.

I even referred a close friend to David who had suffered for years with anxiety and unworthiness issues and David even helped my friend clear all her issues, as well.

David, so sorry I took so long to get back to you – I really couldn’t remember half the issues I had at the time which is quite funny really.

Thank you ever so much for setting me free.

lots of hugs