See below some of the glowing testimonials I have received from clients:

I worked with Dave about three months ago now after my friend Kev and his mate Ant suggested I work with a guy called Dave to clear all the trauma from my past.


I worked with Dave about three months ago now after my friend Kev and his mate Ant suggested I work with a guy called Dave to clear all the trauma from my past.

I said yeah straight away because I had had enough of the repeated thoughts and bad memories about my childhood abuse, anxiety, depression, sadness, gambling addiction, feeling the pain of losing my parents and the painful divorce from my ex-wife which at some point for the last 20 years caused me to take up gambling and drinking alcohol as a means of coping with all those emotions.

When I met Dave I instantly felt at ease due to his easy going sense of humour and sense of fun which is an odd combination for a guy who is helping people clear their trauma, in my mind anyway. The session lasted about two hours we covered all of the issues I wanted to clear and they have never come back so far. Then, something came up after the session that I didn't clear in the first session and Dave helped me clear that bad feeling as well.

The most worrying thing before the session was,  I really didn't want to talk about my past with anybody it just didn't work in the past and to be honest the clincher before the session was knowing I didn't have to talk about any of my problems in the session. In fact, I couldn't believe it. All Dave did was use a couple of words that helped me recall the bad memories without me having to do a thing, I know that sounds mad but thats what happened. Then, Dave asked me two questions and then, we did some light breathing and the next minute, I really couldn't get the bad feeling back.

It's only been three months and I am now back in full time work and I can't believe how my life has changed in such a short space of time. I have stopped gambling and god knows how many years I had been throwing my money away doing that. I am now so much more happier and positive about everything in my life. My kids who I have looked after on my own for years after my wife left me are the closest they have ever been to me and I can't tell you how relieved I am that I am more connected with them than I have ever been.

If you are suffering from anxiety, blaming yourself, childhood abuse, been cheated on, the pain of divorce, being envious of other people and their happy lives , fear and feeling guilt about being a bad parent, being sick of feeling lonely and not feeling good enough, feeling addicted to gambling or any other addiction because Dave also helped my mate Ben stop drinking a couple of months back as well. In fact, whatever the bad feeling you are feeling right now and you've had it since it first happened I know Dave will be able to help you get rid of it, if you've had enough of the pain of those memories email Dave to book in he will help you clear it all without a doubt.



Its now five months since we met and had our session and I just wanted to drop you a note and say a huge thank you. My mind has felt so clear and like a weight has been lifted. All the issues that have been holding me back feel like a distant memory. I have had an amazing five months in work and not had the “can’t be bothered” attitude towards some things that I did have. All those bad feelings from my past trauma are all gone too - incredible. The anxiety, sadness, betrayed, loneliness, trapped, procrastination, stress feelings are all gone. Will keep in touch and reach out if I need your amazing services and expertise again!




I first saw David over a year ago now and straight away I knew I had to book in and I was right!

David helped me clear all my trauma abandonment, anxiety, depression, feelings of feeling lost, unloved and unworthy.

What is remarkable is that I didnt have to tell David a thing - all I had to do was allow my mind to go back to those bad memories and bad thoughts for one final time and allow my mind to create the bad feeling in my body and when I had that familiar bad feeling, answer a few simple questions and do some breathing and I was unable to get the bad feeling back I called anxiety, panic attacks, feeling depressed and god knows what else I had been holding onto all these years.

David even helped me clear ALL and I mean all my limiting beliefs you know what I mean - I'm not good enough, clever enough, worthy enough you get my drift - the lot all gone and they haven't come back. In fact, I feel the opposite about those bad feelings now.

All the friends who have known me for years said immediately - how different, lighter, more happier I appeared and considering it is now over twelve months after my session with David, I do feel more at peace, happier within myself and I am aware I smile a hell of a lot more now than I ever did before.

I highly recommend working with David if you suffer from any mental illnesses or addictions.

If you are looking for a resolution to whatever bad thoughts and bad memories keep repeating on a loop in your head that you think you can't stop then David is the man to help clear them.

I am also so much more productive, I have my own art studio and workshop and my creativity and productivity has never been so high. I have so much more passion for my work.

I even referred a close friend to David who had suffered for years with anxiety and unworthiness issues and David even helped my friend clear all her issues, as well.

David, so sorry I took so long to get back to you - I really couldn't remember half the issues I had at the time which is quite funny really.

Thank you ever so much for setting me free.

lots of hugs

Richard Love

Richard Love Bury St Edmonds UK

I met David in July 2021, when I was very, low in my life after I saw David being interviewed. David helped me clear an enormous amount of trauma which cleared my anxiety, depression, loneliness, abandonment, anger, a sugar addiction that created a diabetes issue, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and when I went to the doctors a few weeks after working with David my blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes sugar levels were all back to normal.

David's work is simple and powerful I would recommend him to anyone. I recently had a fall and I contacted David again and he guided me to help me clear the trauma of me banging my head and I am already feeling better again. David has literally saved my life.

Filip Koszuta

Filip Koszuta Poland

Latest testimonial in...all the way from Poland! David got my attention through an interview, immediately after watching the interview I contacted David to book a session. Many interesting connections developed afterwards for me. The session with David was transformational - you can feel "at home and ease" with him, even though you work on heavy personal topics while clearing them "for good" 🙂

In places it was very funny too, yet still remaining and being an absolute conscious session, and then I couldn't stop breaking out in laughter. The sessions are very unique and listening to David and working with him is really BLISSFUL! It really feels like this! Knowing I have cleared all my trauma so far is just so liberating but being in contact with such a wonderful and helpful human being is priceless!

Thank you David

Mark Fulnecky

Mark Fulnecky

We are all born in to unique circumstances and some are lucky to be exposed to very little trauma but for the rest of us we are exposed to family, school and the greater society in general. I wish it were not the case but we are exposed to tough situations every day and these bruises fester for years unattended. As soon as I watched David in an interview over twelve months ago now, I knew I had to book a session.

David explained in the interview how he had used his own process to clear his own trauma and subsequent mental illnesses on his own journey.
David also explained in the interview how the root cause of all mental and physical illness is trauma and or child abuse. This made complete sense to me. Then he demonstrated it live online and I followed along and cleared one of my own traumas. So, I knew it worked!!

David has in my own experience been given the magic key to relieving the hidden, buried and sometimes forgotten anxieties most of us all carry around with us, that we've all kind of normalised and accepted that we are unable to clear but we can when we allow ourselves to want to heal.

And the most remarkable part about David's process, those unwanted memories are all cleared without you having to say a word to David - how safe and confidential is that. Don't get me wrong the tears come up but the way in which David guides you through the process makes it feel effortless.

And for someone who has tried most therapies, up until working with David, will tell you it always comes back but its all gone.

David keeps reminding you during the session that there is no need to talk about those bad memories and he is right the feeling comes up as soon as he uses the phrases he uses to help the mind go to those upsetting memories for one final time. And seconds later after answering some questions and doing some breathing you really can't get the bad feeling back.

And the best bit, my mind now thinks healthy thoughts about those bad memories.

I have referred a few of my friends to David and they cleared their trauma as well.

I have no doubt in recommending David to anybody who wants an end to their mental health issues be it anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings, addiction, insomnia, anger and feeling unworthy of being loved.

Thank you David

We are both so amazed and so grateful to have found your talents.


We are both so amazed and so grateful to have found your talents.

My blood pressure has evened out and no more meds! Woot! I have never been a testimonial person so here goes...

If you are struggling with PTSD, substance abuse, sleeping issues, anxiety, depression, or a combination of need to see David.

I had them all, but after seeing him, I am even off my blood pressure medications!! I was the biggest skeptic but also one that would try anything to be "normal"!!

And..I think I tried everything at one point.

These couple of hours with David were worth everything!

I have NEVER felt this amazing, ever. I would say, David has given me my life back and a new start in my new life!!

Thank you David, you have a truly amazing gift for the world!

Thank you again!! We are doing really well and are always pointing people in your direction that need to see you!! LOL!!

If you have never experienced it, then you just don't know what you are missing is how we feel about David's work.

They ask what your technique is called, we call it the David technique!

Feel free to email Amber if you have any questions about my work and the results Amber and her daughter experienced.


I think I’ve written this email in my head about 100 times!

Jo xx

I think I've written this email in my head about 100 times!  -  How to even convey in words what you have done for me after only 14 days. When I read your testimonials on your website and people said how they felt peace and inner calm, I now know exactly what they meant - which is what you have given me.

I wasn't an alcoholic but had become alcohol-dependent - functioning well in day-to-day life, but drinking most evenings around a bottle and half of wine a night, and more at the weekends. This had been going on, on and off for around 20 years. I realised if I carried on this way my health would start to suffer as well as my family's.  Getting blackout drunk, not remembering things and the anxiety and self-criticism the next morning had become a horrible and vicious cycle, one that I thought I wouldn't be able to get out off.

I'd tried hypnosis which worked for about a week but with no real long-term success. After our session David, what can I say my whole life, and outlook has been transformed! You have taken away not only the power alcohol had over me, but also the fear, self-doubt and all the other negative self-talk I had that was fueling the drinking. I have found peace and that is truly a gift.

Do I still drink? Yes. I've been to a BBQ recently and had 2 glasses of champagne (over 6 hours) previously I would have definitely come back drunk. I met up with an old friend and we sat for hours chatting in a pub - the whole time I drank only 2 pints of cider very slowly - she couldn't believe the difference in me. I still enjoy a glass of wine with my husband - I just don't go over board anymore. I now bounce out of bed in the morning ready to face the day with a brighter attitude to life.

I can now go to any social occasion and not have the fear I'm going to get hammered and make an idiot of myself.  I can't thank you enough!

Well like many others who write a testimonial, its usually some time later. Apologies !!

Trisha Owens x

Well like many others who write a testimonial, its usually some time later. Apologies !!

I suffered for 20 years with anxiety, panic attacks, claustrophobia and a fear of flying. Some of which I believe triggered from my mums passing.

I came across David online and I was hooked.

He wasn’t the usual kind of ‘helper’ and I mean that in the nicest possible way. He doesn’t have an ego, he’s just armed with two questions!

Our session was over skype I was anxious at first not knowing what to expect but that’s normal for me. He totally put me at ease as I messaged him prior to our session.

At first I thought what am I doing here. Then I just relaxed and enjoyed the process. The great thing about it is you do not have to mention anything about your trauma, YOU already know it!   He is there to guide you clear your trauma using  a diaphragmatic breathing technique. And as David says, laughter is the best form of medicine and now I know why.

Months after my session I went to an airfield with my husband who was having flying lessons. I was given a set of ear protectors and asked to join them. I put them on and climbed into the back seat of a small plane which I can only describe as the size of a baked bean can. Not bad for someone who had a fear of flying and claustrophobia. Still Amazed I did that and it can only be a direct result from my session in February with David.

When trying to explain to others about David I can only say about my experience, and how this man has helped me to live again, instead of exist is Weirdly Wonderful !!

Thank you David.
Warm Blessings



Hi David,
A month on from our session I’m still processing the clearing after a period of getting used to zero chatter and mental disturbance.
It has been a thoroughly interesting and refreshing experience living without the constant mental background noise that has accompanied me throughout life since a toddler, when I had my first trauma experience and became hyper-vigilant.
For a while I was grappling with the missing element before realising that it was pure relief I was feeling!
Because my emotions have detached from those invasive thoughts and persistent feelings, there is no false suffering to contend with, which used to pop up at inconvenient times and sabotage me.
And though I don’t miss it, it has taken a bit of getting used to, the stillness and peace that has replaced the cacophony of noise and mental pitfalls!
Where I used to try to make sense of negative thoughts and feelings, now there is a clean slate and a beautiful clear space to heal, which occurs naturally after the clearing.
Whenever a new thought pops up there is so much more clarity as it’s not jumbled up with chaotic processing from stuck trauma in my system.
I can see where looping has become habitual; where an emotion is misplaced, and I can effortlessly use the technique to get rid of it!
Thank you so much for the clarity - for the first time since 2010 and the Christchurch earthquakes I can read uninterrupted and take in information now.
I no longer struggle with PTSD symptoms!
The technique is such an important and incredible gift to the world.

Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
God bless you David, you are a legend.

Jacqui 💗

Tanya Cvetkovska

Tanya Cvetkovska

David Ian Rogers has embarked on the greatest healing of mental illness that I have ever known and I have received it
After being hospitalized four times, went through countless medications and years of therapy (over 25 years in fact), I knew the only way out alive was to take health into my own hands.
Enter holistic and energy healing. While this did take most of the depression/anxiety away, I was still dealing with remnants that simply would not go away.
This is when I stumbled upon David Ian Rogers’ healing.
After my session, I felt as though my insides (deep, hidden wounds, sadness, traumas) were wiped clean.
I feel as though I have received the greatest antidote in David’s techniques which has guided me to this day in anything that comes up in life.
I am only sorry that I didn't know about this well before, I would have saved myself a lot of despair and pain.
Now there is a deep knowing that I will never again fall into another bout of severe depression.
This is a freedom that simply cannot be expressed and one I never thought possible in my lifetime.

Much love and light,
Tanya Cvetkovska

Christina Hardin

Christina Hardin

I'm writing this testimonial about the services I received from David Ian Rogers back on January 21, 2022.
It might seem weird that I'm writing this after so much time has passed from my session but here are my reasons.
During my session, the connection that I made with David was a different connection to say the least.
I had seen him treat people and to be honest was skeptical in the beginning.
When he started to ask the questions, I was like "How did he know that's what I had issues with?"
Tears started to flow to remember the trauma that I had experienced for so many years…
From Childhood abuse, relationships with Narcissistic people caused me to doubt my own self worth.
Along my journey of 41 years I haven't had an easy life to say the least.
Suicidal thoughts had become a common thing in my life where even though I have 2 teenage children I really thought they would be better off without me in their life as their mother.
By the time the session was over, to recall the memory to feel the way I felt at the beginning was not possible.
I got off the Skype call feeling renewed. Fast forward about a week, compared to before the broken record player that would play in my head had died down alot, the thoughts would come, but with the techniques that David taught me during the session, they came and went within a few minutes instead of hours or even days.
Finding yourself, acknowledging that you hold the power to heal with the proper tools has made life a lot more manageable to say the least.
I haven't had suicidal thoughts since the session. I have had like I said emotions that come and go and I know that I can now clear any emotions on my own.
If you're on the fence about doing a session, which I was for a long time. I think I contacted David on two different occasions.
First time I talked myself out of it was because of my finances. Second time, I told myself I'm worth it and something has to give. I was lost but now I've found myself.
Words can't express the gratitude that I feel for David and his services.
I feel that we will have a connection going forward for sure.

Much love.
Christina Hardin

David you are so special..thank you so much.

Vicky Foster Warwickshire

I contacted David via a mutual association called Rose Ferguson, who assured me David would be able to help me with my chronic pain, anxiety, depression, anxiety attacks and worries concerning my autistic son which caused me severe bouts of insomnia.

Well, as you can imagine when you have suffered for over forty years with those symptoms and issues for all those years I have taken my time in offering this testimonial – to be honest it has taken this long over twelve months to write this testimonial because I genuinely could not remember what issues I had been suffering from – crazy right? No, it's true.

David you are so special...thank you so much.

Literally taken all our worries away….

Sharon Todd & Daughter Amy

David was referred to me by my best friend Emma, who told me how David had helped her over the phone when she had had anxiety, and it was now gone. 

So I spoke to David on the phone because like a lot of people out there we think there is no solution to mental illness and my daughter did have a few issues and like a lot of parents, I did not know what to do.

David spoke to my daughter Amy on the phone to prove to her that he could help her and he convinced her in no more than five minutes to book in with him. 

Amy had been suffering for some time with anxiety, suicidal thoughts and self harm with what we know now as her minds repeated thoughts about a few things that had been going on at home and at school.

Any then told me straight away to book her in with David, and so only three days later David came to visit us at home.

It took no more than an hour for David to do his magic and Amy is a changed kid. I feel like I have my daughter back.

It was such a worry at the time.

I advise anybody who is suffering with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and self harm issues to get in touch with David because he has literally taken all our worries away.

David thank you.

thank you for showing me how to be able to really live again, I thought it was all over…

Jayne Tarasun

Hey, I got my precious life back, all thanks to David and his amazing work.

I have struggled for seven years, much more so in the past two and a half, to the point where I doubted why I was still here, as I was so suffering with exhaustion and debilitating physical symptoms.  

At best, it was like I was living my life through a gauze draw string bag, which was being tightened daily, making it hard to even exist, let alone live. 

My body was even bending over forwards, which I was aware of but was unable to straighten. Right after my session, I could stand up straight; I was in my body and feeling great. With a big smile on my face and dancing around the kitchen, I made myself some pancakes and then slept pretty much for 2 days. This was allowing me to re-calibrate into the new me, and now I continue to thrive in a happy bouncy body. 

I saw my daughter 4 days after the session; she said right away that I was “perky” and that I hadn’t looked that well for years. She was right! 

Thank you soooo much David, there aren’t words to express how amazing you are, but thank you for showing me how to be able to really live again, I thought it was all over… I had tried so many things, you were the last call. 

Love and blessings

My life has taken a 180 degree turn all because of you…

Jasmine Skye

Aloha David,

I went into surgery just a week after my session with you and, although I wanted to share these things sooner, my eyes were so swollen from the surgery that doing anything on the computer was out of the question.

I can’t thank you enough for this most amazing “process” of yours. I am so thrilled to have  experienced it!

I had two surgeries back to back on two consecutive days. After our session my mind prior to, during and after our session these are the phenomenal results.

The first was Mohs Surgery which is performed in stages to remove basal cell carcinomas. It is done with local anesthesia. They freeze what they have removed to see if there is carcinoma in it. If there is, they go back again and remove more, etc. until there is no remaining carcinoma. I had to go through three rounds. 

Having prepared for these extensive surgeries on my face in our session I was only mildly concerned the morning of!! 

But the real kicker was during the second round… things were getting heated. I could feel the higher level of the doctor and his assistants’ anxiety and I realised that I was fully clenched from my waist up. 

Thank you for your support where our work took all my fear, put it in a neat little bundle and erased i! - I was rid of it and fully relaxed! How totally empowering! 

When they came back in to do the 3rd round I was joking with them.

I was sent home that night and warned that the wound might bleed profusely that night and that I might need to make a midnight visit to the doctor’s office to stop the bleeding… It barely bled at all because I was so relaxed!

The next morning I went to the hospital for the first part of the facial reconstruction surgery done under general anaesthetic. Again, because I had cleared my fear so thoroughly, I was not only devoid of fear but my mind was totally quiet. It didn’t matter that this was my very first time having surgery and I had tried every possible avenue of healing to avoid it… it didn’t matter that I was not able to have my husband by my side prior to the surgery because of the hospital’s policy on COVID… 

My mind, my heart and my soul were completely at peace. I even felt like I was floating as I waiting with all the hubbub of the pre-surgery area around me.

That peace has remained with me after the surgery even though I woke up from the general anaesthetic flailing and saying “My forehead hurts!” repeatedly…  as I was in the recovery room I am amazed I was totally at peace!! 

I have 2 more big surgeries and then a series of smaller tweaks to return my face to something resembling my original version. 

They say I have 1-2 years for this process. But what astounds me is how none of this has been able to disturb my peace. 

I just feel so at peace free from any worries and concerns that arise. None of these details even seem to matter! I have my peace of mind and know all will be well.

I am so grateful, David. Words fail to communicate my gratitude but they are all I have so they will have to suffice. :-))

My life has taken a 180 degree turn all because of you and your work that you discovered/developed. 

Thank you for being you and playing your role so magnificently. I am forever in your debt. I am free as a bird and filled with peace.

What a blessing to be able to bless others with the ability to have the same freedom and peace that I feel now

Blessings on you brother!!

My energy is skyrocketing, I cannot stop smiling…

Debbie Schroeder

I hope all is fabulous for you? I wanted to thank you for our session on November 28, 2020.  I felt amazing after our session, but then I let the world pull me back in. Something shifted this week and I feel completely free.  My energy is skyrocketing, I cannot stop smiling, despite all the craziness in our apparent reality, I see it completely different now.  I am full of love, light and peace.

I re-watched our session and I believe you planted the seed for a major transformation on that day.  It seemed to have taken a few weeks for it to fully activate within my system.  I am very grateful you took the time to work with me. I feel it must have been divinely inspired.

Much love, peace and blessings,

Mental illness IS the global crisis and the power is now in your hands…

Tanya Mac Diarmada (& Daughter Kaci), Ireland

It has been 5 days since both myself and my daughter spoke with David.  It is difficult to put into words the transformation that has taken place for us both in those short few days but the feeling of peace and inner calm is very much present in our lives. 

I can only describe the work David does as indeed miraculous. Bringing instant relief in the moments of crisis and despair. Returning back to the heart centre to be healed with love. I have my beautiful carefree daughter back it truly is the greatest blessing. 

I have never known my mental state to be pure, sharp and peacefully in the present. To experience the freedom from pain and suffering using the breath of life and consciousness to heal with the holy spirit. Bringing to light all that has been lurking in the shadows of the mind due to long term memory associated with grief and trauma for the last three years. 

I am deeply moved by your Gift and the good you continue to do for others. I cannot suggest this healing enough for anyone at this time.

Mental illness IS the global crisis and the power is now in your hands. "It's always darkest before the dawn". 

Bless you David 💖💖

I highly recommend David it will change the way you think forever!

Anne Marie Newman, Atlanta, GA, USA

David peaked my interest when he was a guest on a show. I reached out to him and set an appointment. In the days leading up to the appointment I was excited, intrigued and nervous. My tendency to over think kicked in and I began to worry about the appointment.

I emailed David several pre-session emails in an attempt to calm myself and to be sure I wouldn’t forget to discuss each issue. David’s calm and quick responses helped me to prepare for the appointment. 

With warm tea in hand and my over thinking brain in full swing David appeared on my iPad screen to start the Skype call and the next thing I knew I was laughing!!! Talking to David was easy, super educational and fun! 

David cleared a large variety of mindset challenges I have struggled with for many years as well as a physical pain in my right shoulder blade. 

David’s knowledge is so vast and grounded that the techniques he taught me have helped me help myself. I could hardly wait for my follow up call with David to share my clear and focused processing that is helping me manifest my desired future. 

I highly recommend David it will change the way you think forever!

I feel so light and free now…

Carol Hamnett

Apologies for the delay in writing feedback from my session the other week. But I thought it better to wait a little while to assess the results. Been great, feel so much lighter now, so a huge thank you. Here is my feedback.

I am 61 and had traumas going back to age 9yrs. I saw David on a show and David just resonated with me. 

I booked my Skype appointment, completely open to any results from the session. Wow!!! Loved it. I cleared so much trauma with David’s unique way of working. He is fabulous, what a guy! 

I was very open and honest about my traumas, mostly to myself, as David asks very little, it is down to yourself to think of what is inside of you. So many bad memories and yet he has you laughing so much. But they cleared! 

I am now 2 months in and when I go back to those memories, they don’t affect me in any way, like it never happened. 

I feel so light and free now. I highly recommend David, he really is an amazing guy and 100% convinced he will help you clear your traumas. Even my chronic pain has improved! Not needing pain relief for the first time in 5 years.

Life is bang on track

Tom Judge

I had had problems with my mental health  for years since I was 12 years old. I had bad memories and been told I had an anger problem for years. Megan Robinson a friend of mine suggested Dave to get rid of the repeated thoughts and my weed addiction. Well its mad I saw Dave and all I remember was laughing about the memories that used to make me so angry. I had a relapse about a month later my girlfriend triggered something off for me from my past I rang Dave and he cleared the memory over the phone mad right? Nope it’s the truth! I have a full time job and my life is bang on track now. Thank you Dave.

Wow wow wow

Gemma Bleakley

Wow wow wow! I have just had some prefrontal lobe clearing by David and it was a deep deep purge! and I feel so light and free! I felt completely safe with him and he got stuff out of me that I didn't even realise was there!