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David Ian Rogers | Mental Health Specialist & Heyoka Empath | Clearing Traumatic Memories For Good

Clearing Traumatic Memories FOR GOOD!

This is where your trauma healing journey begins! David’s unique process has helped thousands of clients over the years heal from trauma and addictions!

David Ian Rogers is a Heyoka Empath by birth. A Heyoka Empath is a soul who assists others in permanently overcoming their mental illnesses after awakening to the resolution of their own trauma.

David’s personal journey with trauma began when he lost two friends in a road traffic accident over 24 years ago. Five years later, his best friend, who had died in the accident, returned as a spirit guide to save his life and help him understand the workings of the mind.

Afterwards, David developed an understanding of how the mind generates negative feelings associated with mental illness, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and addictive urges.
He then implemented his process in various settings, including schools, counselling agencies, and football clubs, where it consistently proved effective to heal trauma and addictions.

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My life purpose is to end mental illness on the planet for good


What does the process entail? David utilises phrases that effortlessly guide clients to access and process negative memories and thoughts. Through simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ responses and diaphragmatic breathing techniques, clients can permanently dissolve negative emotions and addictive urges.

David’s approach is rooted in his own journey of overcoming mental illness, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and addictions.

Research over the past 30 years has identified trauma as the underlying cause of mental illness and addiction.

Addiction is essentially a description of behaviors we believe we can’t control. The language we use to describe these behaviors directly influences our experiences of craving and urge.
This insight is why addiction is often described as ‘adding diction’ – the addition of words to behaviour.
David’s process effectively eliminates addictive urges and cravings for good.

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Kelly - January 2023
22 May 2023

I just wanted to drop you a note and say a huge thank you. My mind has felt so clear and like a weight has been lifted. All the issues that have been holding me back feel like a distant memory. I have had an amazing five months in work and not had the “can’t be bothered” attitude towards some things that I did have. All those bad feelings from my past trauma are all gone too - incredible. The anxiety, sadness, betrayed, loneliness, trapped, procrastination, stress feelings are all gone. Will keep in touch and reach out if I need your amazing services and expertise again!


Richard Love - July 2021
Bury St Edmonds UK
22 May 2023

I met David when I was very, low in my life after I saw David being interviewed. David helped me clear an enormous amount of trauma which cleared my anxiety, depression, loneliness, abandonment, anger, a sugar addiction that created a diabetes issue, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and when I went to the doctors a few weeks after working with David my blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes sugar levels were all back to normal.

David's work is simple and powerful I would recommend him to anyone. I recently had a fall and I contacted David again and he guided me to help me clear the trauma of me banging my head and I am already feeling better again. David has literally saved my life.

Michael Flynn - May 2017
Newport County FC
26 May 2021

Dave approached me on LinkedIn on the night I was appointed Caretaker Manager of Newport County FC. Dave suggested a specific question to write up on a wipeboard for the players to answer in their minds before each match.  The same players who had won 5 of the previous 34 matches won 7 drew 3 of the final 12 matches to miraculously escape relegation when we had been 11 points adrift of safety with 12 matches to go. Thanks for your help Dave.

Anthony Johnson - May 2018
Salford City FC
26 May 2021

Dave wrote to me and told me to write this question up on a wipeboard and we were struggling to buy a win at this point and the question helped the players start winning again. Dave also gave me information on how to clear the minds of my players using a simple process that improved my players performances no end. We won promotion to the National League. Thanks Dave top man.

For more information or to book a session with David Ian Rogers, please Email Us .
You can also check David’s Book “The Awakening of a Shamanic Heyoka Empath”.
Lots of Love from David
Heyoka Empath & Mental Health Specialist